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Julianne’s Ultra Challenge!


About the Manchester to Liverpool Ultra Marathon

The Manchester to Liverpool Ultra is a 50-mile road race following the Trans-Pennine Trail, the Manchester Ship Canel and the River Mersey from Manchester to Liverpool.

Questions for Julianne

We asked Julianne (who works at Birkdale Tower Lodge), a few questions about her Ultra Marathon from Liverpool to Manchester.

  • Can you tell us more about your experience? 

“I ran 50 miles from Manchester to Liverpool for Claire House Hospice in memory of my friend’s little boy Alfie. Additionally, as part of my training, I ran long runs every Sunday and ran a practice marathon two weeks before my race. However, this was all worth it in the end and I raised nearly £700, over £8000 as a team!”

Photo Credit – Tosh K Simpkin
  • What was the most challenging part of the race?

“The hardest part about this Ultra Marathon was running in the heat for 12 hours, as I started my race at 6 am and didn’t finish until 6 pm.”

  • Any tips for someone thinking of taking on a similar challenge?

“I would definitely recommend anyone thinking of taking up running to join a local running group. You meet great people who will support you no matter what. Plus you get cake at the end so it’s worth it…”

About Claire House

The Claire House Children’s Hospice helps seriously ill and terminally ill children live life to its fullest by creating wonderful experiences and restoring normality to their families. As well as providing specialist nursing care, Claire House offers emotional support to families during difficult times. Additionally, there is a team of trained professionals at Claire House who are as passionate as they are talented. They include nurses, physiotherapists, play specialists, and counsellors.

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