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Our Care Homes. Your Journey. Every Step of The Way.

Here at the Athena Healthcare Group, we’re not your everyday care provider – and that’s the way we like it!

We want to do away with the cliched view of a care home being somewhere people come to live out their days. In fact, it’s our mission to provide a progressive care experience, enabling members of the Athena community to continue to lead vibrant and fulfilling lives.

We use the statements “Our Care Homes. Your Journey. Every Step of The Way.”  to describe what we’re all about:

As a Group, we’re committed to delivering beautiful care environments to you and your loved ones, fit for 21st century living. Each lodge has been intelligently designed to provide a fulfilling, safe and secure home-from-home experience.

Each lodge has its own unique character, offering a mix of in-home features and care services to suit our lodge community’s needs. You can read more about the kinds of care services and in-home facilities later in this guide.

It’s our aim to make you proud to call our lodge your home and be a part of our community.

Together with our luxurious lodges, we’ve built a team of care professionals who are dedicated to offering first-class customer service.

From reception to hospitality and maintenance, every member of the home’s team plays a role in the quality of care delivered. This is supported by our thorough recruitment and training programme, empowering those who truly want the best for our lodge communities.

Ultimately, we’re here to support both our residents and their loved ones through their journey.

If you have any questions, concerns or just want a chat you’ll always be able to speak to your local home manager or lodge relations manager; our expert care Sherpas are willing and able to
guide you through your journey.

Because we’re committed to being there for you when you need us most, our lodges offer a range of care services to suit all stages of your journey.

For those more independent people, who only require a small amount of support, right through to those who have nursing care needs, our lodges’ services have been designed with your needs in mind.

The most important thing to us is that you enjoy every moment you spend in your new home, and that no matter what happens we’re with you every step of the way.

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Our Ethos is Based on Community

Every resident, family member, friend or team member, everyone who comes into contact with us forms a valuable part of our care community.

A care community should be something sustainable, forging lasting and meaningful links with all participants and providing the care the community requires, now and in the future. This means that the care we provide is not only focused on the individual, but their whole support network.

Care homes shouldn’t be closed off private members clubs, but in fact the vibrant beating heart of their communities – allowing their residents to be part of the community they’ve always been a part of.

With this in mind, the Athena Healthcare Group is committed to these pillars of our community:

Achieved through our expert and appropriately qualified team of forward-thinking carers. From reception to hospitality, every member of staff plays a role in delivering a first-rate experience for residents that friends and family can rely on at every stage.

There’s always something going on at our residents’ home. Every Athena care home has a dedicated Lifestyle & Wellbeing team in-house. Together with our care staff, they provide a programme of daily activities and outings.

This will often include excursions to popular attractions or even in-home visits from performing acts, music and movement professionals or even our twinned nurseries -there’s something for everyone.

Every Athena Healthcare Group residential and nursing home is specially designed to promote mobility and independence – from the décor to the layout and everything in between, our spotlessly clean homes provide a luxurious yet homely backdrop to the next step in our resident’s journey.

Every home has a team of chefs preparing fresh seasonal menus, all year around. Working closely with residents, their loved ones and care professionals, our kitchen staff know all about residents’ likes & dislikes and any special dietary requirements to help them get the most out of every day – it doesn’t hurt that the meals are delicious too!

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