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The 4 Types of Pet Therapy We’ve Brought into Our Care Homes 


Pet therapy is a popular and effective form of therapy that has been used in care homes for many years. It involves the use of animals to help improve the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of residents. Here at Athena Healthcare Group we try to bring in pets as much as we can, as our lovely residents enjoy every visit! 

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Canine-Assisted Therapy

Dogs’ friendly, loyal, and non-judgmental nature is the reason our residents love when they visit our care homes. Canine-assisted therapy is used as it naturally reduces blood pressure and releases happy hormones..

Equine-Assisted Therapy

When Shetland ponies visit our Lodges our residents develop a sense of responsibility, and their communication skills are improved. Shetland ponies provide our residents with emotional and physical growth through encouraging them to walk with them and giving them a nonjudgmental encounter, it also gives them a lot to talk about for the next few days! 

Alpaca-Assisted Therapy

Even though alpacas are big animals they always put our lovely residents at ease. It’s a safe place when alpacas visit our Lodges,  their loving and friendly nature creates a positive and calm atmosphere. They never fail to bring laughter into our care homes! 

Owl-Assisted Therapy 

With Owls being intelligent creatures they have something in common with our residents! Owl pet therapy involves spending time with an owl, either by holding it or just being in its presence. This helps our residents feel more relaxed and less anxious. 

It is important to us that our residents cherish, remember, and talk about these special moments in their lives. We want to keep each day interesting, not every day is the same in our Lodges!

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