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Son of Resident, Woodlands Lodge, August 2023


Mum is extremely happy and settled in Woodlands Lodge. The staff have been fantastic. Mum has received excellent care since she started at Woodlands Lodge last May. Mum has made friends, and she joins un all the activities. We have been delighted with our decision to make Woodlands Lodge Mum’s home.

Son of Resident, Lighthouse Lodge, August 2023

My mum started at Lighthouse Lodge for respite care after an illness. Mum required help with her recuperation and building her strength back up. Four weeks at Lighthouse Lodge and I feel like I have got my mum back. The care and social aspects were vital to her recovery. Thank you all!

Friend of Resident, Birkdale Tower Lodge, September 2023

Birkdale Tower Lodge Care Home is welcoming and friendly. Staff are helpful and I love the fact that there was a singer on today. They do many fun activities and the place is spotless and well-kept.

Granddaughter of Resident, Ivy Gate Lodge, September 2023

The staff not only looked after my grandfather who was under palliative care, but my mummy, who was by his side throughout. The staff cared for residents like family, respectfully and with dignity. I witnessed this during late evenings. You are very special kind people.

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