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Athena Healthcare Group takes to the skies

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s the team from Athena Healthcare Group skydiving from 15,000ft.

Five brave souls from Athena Healthcare Group took part in a tandem skydive with Black Knights in Cockerham, near Lancaster, to raise money for ‘An Hour for Others’.

The highflyers included Athena Healthcare Group’s CEO, Steven Wylie, Commissioning Support Manager for each of Athena lodges, Debbie Finlay, Deputy Manager of Parklands Lodge, Suzi Corbett and Care Home Manager of Hesketh Park, Gayle Turner.

Friend of Athena, Chris Lawrenson from Jupiter Construction also took on the challenge while Woodlands Lodge Care Home Manager, Maxine Nichol, stood by to show her support.

Another dare devil, Simon Charnley friend of the Athena team, is still yet to take to the skies and will do so this month.

‘An Hour for Others’ is a Liverpool organisation, which brings good-hearted people and businesses together to create a strong support network for those who are suffering in the local community. It is also Woodlands Lodge’s nominated charity.

Maxine Nichol was extremely proud of each of her colleagues and said: “It was so wonderful to watch the Athena team take to the skies for Woodlands Lodge’s chosen charity.

“It’s such an amazing achievement for each one of them and something I’m sure they’ll remember for a lifetime.

“Thankfully they all landed safely and were able to put a big tick on their bucket lists!”

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