Josie's Story

07 March 2020

The great depression, the National Health Service, World War II, the moon landings, free education, the launch of the BBC, the fall of the USSR, the millennium – a lot of incredible things have happened over the last 90 years; imagine living through it!

On the 10th of March 1930, 90 years ago, Josie Sweeney was born into a loving family, delivered in Oxford Street Hospital, Liverpool. Having been raised in the Everton Brow with her sisters, Josie recalls feeling very lucky to enrol at an esteemed school in Liverpool on Shore Road in 1935.

Growing up, Josie’s creativity shone with her passions lying in photography and dancing. Her hobbies soon progressed into a career as a chorus girl, which enabled Josie to travel, Can-Canning and high-kicking her way across the country.

Once Josie had married her partner Charlie, the couple set about raising their own family. They had three children of their own, all boys - Tony, Douglas and Keith.

Josie is so very proud of her children, having raised three successful sons, who run their own businesses and now have beautiful families of their own. Despite all that Josie has accomplished, she maintains that her family are her proudest achievement.

Over time, Josie’s family has continued to expand, and she is honoured to be a grandmother to 6 granddaughters and 6 grandsons!

After her husband’s passing Josie moved into Abbey Wood Lodge, to live within a community, surrounded by friends. Josie is a much-loved member of the lodge community and is considered the life and soul of the party.

With her 90th birthday approaching, Josie believes that there’s a surprise party afoot – and there’s nothing getting past Josie because she’s not wrong. This weekend we will be celebrating Josie’s birthday in style here at Abbey Wood Lodge, surrounded by her family and friends.

On such an auspicious occasion, we asked Josie for a little bit of advice, so that we might look as good at 90 years young:

Athena team member: “So Josie, how have you lived such a full & enjoyable 90 years but you’re still so full of life?”

Josie: “A little whiskey a day keeps the doctor away… but make sure it’s the good stuff!”  

It only seems appropriate to raise a glass to Josie, from everyone at the Lodge and the Athena Healthcare Group - Happy Birthday!

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