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Jim's Story

11 March 2020

Distinguished local artist James Walsh has always been highly engaged with the art scene. Having worked closely with other artists, he has exhibited across the globe. Now residing at Parklands Lodge, Jim is continues his art and is helping his fellow Athena residents to get creative through the healthcare provider's latest initiative, the Art Hub. 

Caring Through Creativity - The Art Hub

09 March 2020

Arts and crafts are often implemented as a therapy in care homes, but why? In this post we examine the value of the arts in senior care and tell more about our latest initiative, the Art Hub!

Josie's Story

07 March 2020

Abbey Wood Lodge resident Josie is turning 90! To celebrate Josie and this landmark event, we caught up with the birthday girl to find out about her past and get a little advice on how to live a full and happy life.

Jason's Story

31 January 2020

Jason’s musical career has been star-studded, filled with travel, the theatre and even royals. He now calls Lighthouse Lodge home and brings his musical tales and charisma with him.

The Sound of Music Therapy - The Benefits of Music Therapy for Care Home Residents 🎶

07 January 2020

Music is a powerful tool and alternative therapy that has the ability to evoke memories, create emotional connections and access numerous parts of the brain at once. The Athena Healthcare Group supports and utilises music therapy in each of our homes to help benefit each resident, especially those living with dementia.

Music Therapy: Elsie's Story

07 January 2020

We take a look at how music therapy is helping Elsie cope with living with dementia.

Music Therapy: John's Story

07 January 2020

We take a look at how music has been helping John since he recently began his music therapy sessions with Aisling.

Music Therapy: David & Marian's Story

07 January 2020

We take a look at how music therapy has been helping David, and his wife Marian, since his diagnosis of dementia.

Music Therapy: Vera's Story

07 January 2020

We take a look at how music therapy has been helping Vera since she moved into one of our Athena care homes. 

Music Therapy: Mary's Story

07 January 2020

We take a look at how, with help from music therapist Aisling, music has been helping Mary who is living with dementia.

Lonely This Christmas - Reducing Isolation Through Care Homes

19 December 2019

We examine how Athena Healthcare Group care homes, Lighthouse Lodge and Marine View Lodge, have been combating isolation through positively harnessing reminiscence.

Nursing Homes – The new model

18 December 2019

With the level of personal investment in care growing, so too is the need for high quality private nursing homes – fit for purpose and the discerning prospective clientele.

The Athena Healthcare Group’s Parklands Lodge is a working model in how modern purpose-built nursing homes are designed. How is this achieved this?

Making Memories – The Power of Reminiscence Therapies in Care Homes

18 December 2019

Reminiscence therapy can take many forms, but the objective remains the same - to help participants recollect events, people and places from their past through stimulating and triggering the senses (sight, touch, taste, smell & sound).

Bridging the gap – the importance of intergenerational play

21 November 2019

In the UK, we’re not very good at talking about old age, it’s a topic that we tend to shy away from. But, with an increasingly aging population, subject matter revolving around the deficits in social equity has been the focus in the British media of late.

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