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Date Time Lodge Event
December, 2019
14:00 - 17:00 Hesketh Park Lodge
December, 2019
14:30 - 16:00 Parklands Lodge
December, 2019
13:00 - 16:30 Lighthouse Lodge / Marine View Lodge
14:30 - 16:00 Abbey Wood Lodge
December, 2019
10:00 - 16:00 Parklands Lodge
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If you’re a curious cat, this is the section for you. You’ll find blogs crammed with knowledge and interesting thoughts on care in the Knowledge Base.

Bridging the gap – the importance of intergenerational play

21 November 2019

In the UK, we’re not very good at talking about old age, it’s a topic that we tend to shy away from. But, with an increasingly aging population, subject matter revolving around the deficits in social equity has been the focus in the British media of late.