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People choose to make our lodges their homes for any number of reasons. Our residential care is versatile and caters to many needs. From those who require minimal personal care and mobility support to assist their otherwise independent lives, to those who require higher levels of residential care.

Residential care is very often for people who have made the choice to live in one of our lodge communities for their own comfort, wellbeing and the great lifestyle benefits that come along with it.

The care teams are always on hand to help residents with activities, personal care and general mobility. This is made easy by our approach to care, getting to know residents and their loved ones on a personal level, whilst always respecting their privacy, dignity and safety to deliver the best outcomes for all.

All residents are encouraged to enjoy fulfilling and independent lives thanks to a wide range of activities & outings, our dining experience and array of in-home facilities.

All residents are encouraged to enjoy fulfilling lives thanks to a wide range of activities & outings, our dining experience and array of in-home facilities.


Lifestyle & Wellbeing

Carpe Diem! At the Athena Healthcare Group, it's all about seizing the day.

Each lodge has its own dedicated Lifestyle & Wellbeing team organising a full schedule of daily activities and outings. These can include:

  • Trips to leisure facilities
  • Outings to places of interest
  • Social events in the home
  • Arts and craft groups, such as painting, flower arranging and knitting etc.
  • Games, such as dominoes or bridge
  • Exercise, such as chair based exercises
  • Gardening
  • Musical activities (choirs, sing along sessions, visiting performing acts etc.)

You can download a sample activities programme below, or request the most recent programme from your local lodge.

Download Sample Activities Programme

It’s well known that staying active both mentally and physically helps us all stay younger for longer; this is why we’re passionate about supporting our residents to remain active and age well.

There’s never a slow week for our lodge communities, as our Lifestyle & Wellbeing team work tirelessly to make the residents’ home a happy, vibrant and fun environment; enabling their lodge community to get the most out of life.

Each home also offers regular clubs, whether it’s choir, or knit-&-natter, exercise classes, gardening or even some intergenerational fun with a paired nursery. Each lodge has its own character and can offer any number of fun pastimes to suit its residents’ hobbies and interests.

Our lodge communities get out and about, often visiting popular attractions in their area. We also offer smaller less planned excursions to the parks, shops or local markets which add a healthy amount of variety to residents’ day-to-day life.

Lodge residents who have enjoyed hobbies or interests within their local community, such as sports or social clubs, are encouraged to continue being involved and where possible supported in doing so.



Jason's Story

We want to do away with any and all cliched views that living in a care home is something that should be put off for as long as possible; it's our aim to deliver a fun, vibrant and engaging environment to all who live in an Athena lodge. 

Why not hear about Jason's experience, and how he came to live in his new home:


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