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Every care provider in the UK will have residents who are living with a form of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s, Vascular Dementia and other cognitive disorders. But, when dementia can differ from person to person, how do you ensure the individual has the support and care they need?

At the Athena Healthcare Group, we subscribe to a truly person-centred approach, gaining insight by any means available to tailor our care to the resident’s needs.

We feel that technical knowledge is only part of the challenge, and that understanding the person behind the dementia is the foundation on which we can apply that knowledge.

Through the creation and management of effective care plans, our expert care teams together with our intelligently designed care homes can help combat symptoms associated with dementia, such as disorientation.

Our chief concern is that our residents living with dementia feel both safe and comfortable in their new home; placing their independence and dignity at the forefront, respecting their right to personal choice in all matters.


Our Dementia Care Services

In many of our care homes we offer both residential care and nursing care, which means that we are often in the privileged position to care for our residents living with dementia throughout their journey.

You can read more about the different types of dementia care we offer below. Remember to check the lodge’s care services page or the Home Features Guide for more information on the types of care available locally.


Dementia Residential Care

Nearly all of our lodges have the ability to provide residential dementia care, for those who are in the earlier stages of dementia. The lodge communities offer a safe, pleasant and engaging environment.

Living in a community setting within the lodge, residents can continue to enjoy life, making full use of the lodge facilities and taking part in regular activities geared towards residents living with dementia, such as those relating to reminiscence – all with the assistance of our well-trained dementia teams.     



Dementia Nursing Care

We can offer a safe environment to residents who require dementia nursing care. We recognise each person as an individual and plan, together with the resident and their loved ones, how we can meet their physical and psychological needs.

The nurses and trained staff ensure that support is offered to both the resident and their loved ones, in a kind and compassionate way.

Our lodges are specially designed to be as safe, reassuring and as easy to navigate as possible.



Early Onset Dementia Care

We offer a responsive environment for residents living with early onset dementia. Our dedicated teams work with the individual and their loved ones to develop a person-centred care & support plan - focusing on the psychological care and support of the individual, in a setting which can feel like a home-from-home with residents of a similar age.

Our dedicated teams ensure that the care and support we offer enables residents to live later life well, whilst alleviating the symptoms of young onset dementia with understanding and expertise.


Alternative Therapies

Furthermore, we’re committed to using the latest techniques and best practices to make the lives of our residents better. For example, in many of our lodges we have a resident music therapist.

Music therapy has been shown to increase brain activity in dementia sufferers – thought to be due to a momentary increase in brain cell connectivity.


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