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Outings and Activities

Our lodges have exciting and regular programmes of events and activities for residents.

From day trips, coffee mornings and national celebrations to river cruises and restaurant and pub visits, we provide opportunities for residents to get out and about in the local community. There's also regularly trips to local parks, markets and shops as well as historic monuments and places of interest. 

We encourage residents who have enjoyed life long activities within the community to continue with their favourite pastimes, whether that's being a member of a local sports club or a social gathering.

Our staff also organise trips to residents' former places of work or places that hold good memories.

And, within each lodge there's lots of activities to take part in including singing, knitting classes, dancing, art, cooking and exercising.

“When visiting my friend - she was full of praise for the friendliness in the staff and said she was happy there and they treated her as a part of the family. It was a pleasant surprise to see her so contented.”